I think a lot - really, a lot. I'm not so good at putting my own thoughts in order though, so a lot of things never make it onto a page. But sometimes I manage to wrestle the messiness in my head into some order and the words flow. Then I try to get disciplined and write stuff down. Some of that will make its way into one of these themes.

articles on rights, values & conflict

I am so incredibly lucky to travel as much as I do and to have my eyes opened by the experiences I have enjoyed. I've seen incredible beauty that so often masks unimaginable suffering - that most of us don't see and are probably happy to keep it that way. Most of the time I feel completely helpless and frustrated by my inability to do more - but if nothing else I can uncover and draw attention to the inconvenient or false truths that keep us comfortably numb. 

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Not only are we more connected than ever before, we are connecting with much broader 'ecosystems' that bring together large organisations, NGO’S, public services, start ups and community groups. People's private and business lives are blurring, decisions taken about the future of a business have far reaching implications and our communities are filled with citizens who hold strong views about the way the world around them is evolving. How those views are formed depends on a rich mix of dynamics and our own world views and attitudes.

There will never be a shortage of things to think and write about when it comes to complexity and how we can embrace it.


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I have the privilege of working with some of the biggest corporations, the newest technologies and the most inspiring individuals - the challenges that we observe inspire me to improve our practice.

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