My Work

I spend a lot of time reading and listening. Reading information about any number of topics, industries, organisation types.

Immersing myself in other organisation's Intentions and Ambitions, Challenges and Opportunities, Dynamics and Implications.

Listening to teams talk about why things are messed up, the risks to their business, the difficulty faced attracting great talent.

And so much more.

Photo by  Aleyna Rentz  on  Unsplash

Photo by Aleyna Rentz on Unsplash

Our working environments are full of good intentions that are constantly challenged by more and more complex dynamics. The result is a fascinating array of unintended consequences that we struggle to avoid - and often don't even recognise.

This is my world, the lines between professional and personal interests are blurred at best - almost non existent

My Group Partners role sees me spending a good deal of my life buried in someone else's complexity so that we can help a team tackle their particular challenge or opportunity better. It doesn’t really matter what the exam question is, unless we get to the essence of the organisation - its purpose and what makes it ‘tick’ - then we are probably building on very shaky foundations.Real insights are rarely offered on a plate and all too often that complex stuff (that is hiding them) gets swept to one side in favour of quick fixes.

Most organisations have no unified view of their world - it is seen through multiple functions, silo’s and agendas that are unlikely to add up to a coherent picture. They don’t operate as a system, despite that word being on everyone’s lips as the cause of many of their issues!

I joined Group Partners because I saw the power that frameworks have to organize thinking and to break through silos. It literally put issues into context and made more sense of whatever the focus was.
— Hazel Tiffany

There is an argument - reinforced by countless consulting methods - that there are pretty universal models that can be applied to most challenges. To some degree I agree with that - but not completely. Life isn’t generic, it’s filled with different combinations of dynamics - circumstances, world views, drivers, mandates, curve balls. So addressing any issue is highly personal and has to be put into context.

That creates a tension that has been my focus since joining Group Partners - how do you address challenges (problem or opportunity) in ways that honour their unique context while applying a consistent and logical approach that leverages the best thinking and proven experience?


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