Photo by  Rémi Walle  on  Unsplash

Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash


My fascination, respect and empathy for our natural environment and the many species we share this planet with is growing more as I get older. Perhaps I, like many others, am finally waking up to the harm that we have been doing to this planet and am finding it impossible to ignore.

A number of things have triggered my increasing involvement and commitment to the vulnerable. There is vulnerability in every species, including humans. In every scenario, where there is vulnerability there is exploitation - by those more powerful; those who care more about satisfying their own needs and ambitions.

Thankfully it is much easier to have a voice these days, or for others to speak for those who can't. But where to start? The number of really good causes, the number of violations, the number of natural or man made disasters seems completely overwhelming. And it is. But that shouldn't prevent us from playing a part in righting wrongs or in helping others to make a difference.

I have had the privilege of working with a number of amazing people and organisations who are dedicating their lives to ensuring that future generations can live in a diverse, fair and flourishing world. I have seen just how hard their task is, how difficult it is to get the support they badly need, and the sheer scale of their challenge. These truly are wicked problems.

I'm still working out how to play a part - and where to focus my energy - but I do already have some challenges that are close to my heart. Having worked in Africa on a number of occasions, and with a certain part of South Africa feeling like my second home, a lot of my attention is there. But there are no limits when it comes to applying the idea of frameworks and information design to complex issues. If the past is anything to go by the right challenges will appear without me looking too hard for them!

raising awareness

Many of these articles will shine a light on specific challenges that are close to my heart. It can be hard to be objective when faced with examples of real hardship, extreme violence and plain greed or stupidity. I aim to dig deeply into the dynamics and understand what is causing these issues - as well as celebrating great work where I find it. Read On -